Random Can Be Good

I have been away from this blog for a while now – not intentionally, yet still away. I have been living life and all that that entails and dealing with some things that needed my attention, which, unfortunately, didn’t leave much time for writing.

Much has changed in the world since my most recent post, and, in some instances, very little has changed. The political climate has left many of us dumbfounded and without much faith in our political system. Individuals’ lives are being taken from them, whether in innocence or with intent. And many of us are floating through life on a raft of numbness.

Yet, as we continue to navigate this holiday season, may we focus less on the material and more on love – love of Christ, our fellow man, and ourselves. May we treat each other (and ourselves) better, and may we remember that our differences will only separate us if we allow them to do so. 

Merry Christmas to you all. Be blessed! #lovebythedrop

Today’s Gem of Gratitude #195 – Merry Christmas!


Today I am thankful for the birth of Jesus Christ. Though the 25th of December is not the true date of birth of Jesus Christ, but rather the day that we observe His birth, that does not make this day any less important.

The birth of Christ signaled the entrance of hope and unconditional love into this world, things that are very much needed in this day and age. I often look around and realize that on the surface it appears that hope and unconditional love are in short supply nowadays. But the truth is that they are plentiful, it is simply we who have chosen not to tap into them.

And here we are, celebrating the birth of the Savior on this day. How fitting would it be for us to honor the birth of the One who brought hope and unconditional love to us by committing ourselves to spreading hope and unconditional love, one moment at a time, one person at a time, to everyone with whom we come into contact starting today? That would certainly be one of the greatest birthday presents that we could ever give to the One who gave His all for us. #lovebythedrop