Gems of Insight, Reflections

Today’s Gem of Insight #159

Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that today is the perfect day to make God smile. We spend enough time doing things our own way, with ourselves and our loved ones in mind. Is what we are doing going to benefit us? Our families? Our friends? The companies for which we work? Our church? And is what we are doing going to make us happy?

And those are only some of the hundreds, even thousands of questions that flood our minds on a daily basis. But in all of that thinking, do we ever think about how what we are doing is going to affect God? Sure, sometimes we do, especially when we do something that we know displeases Him. As a matter of fact, it’s probably in those situations that we are the most aware of how our behavior affects Him. We realize that we have messed up, and somehow our messing up puts our focus squarely on Him, if only for a few moments sadly.

Yet, we tend to often go throughout the majority of our days with our focus devastatingly fractured despite lifting a prayer here and there.

And really, I can’t speak for you. But I can speak for myself. Though I do think of God more throughout the day than I used to – taking moments to thank Him, to pray for others or myself, to talk to Him about whatever is on my mind – I don’t usually think about whether or not what I am saying, thinking, or doing is bringing a smile to His face.

I  mean, after all, He created all of the emotions, and He created us, knowing full and well what bumbling, stumbling, creatures we would become as a result of our own choices, which I must admit, probably does cause Him to shake His head sometimes, because even though He knows all, part of Him still thinks “wow, they really did do that…they did.”

And given the way that some of the things that we say, think, and do crack us up, I find it hard to believe that He doesn’t crack a smile at least once in a while. And the thought of that excites me. And it makes me wonder. If. I. Make. Him. Smile. I hope that I do. And on That Day, when I stand before Him and the evidence of my life is reviewed and weighed, may there be remnants of gentle moments when He smiled and thought “Yep, she is mine.” #lovebythedrop

Gems of Insight, Reflections

Today’s Gem of Insight #158

Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that it’s never too late to see things anew. 

Life, though new everyday, oftentimes consists of aspects that can be rather routine and redundant. We’re used to the typical flow of traffic, we’re not surprised by the usual pitter-patter of feet throughout the office at work, and we can almost finish the sentences verbatim of the actors in our favorite shows before their statements are even halfway spoken.

Yet, one of the most endearing aspects of life is the fact that we determine our perspectives, which means that we can choose to view the monotonous, mundane, and routine aspects of our lives with fresh eyes and new vision. And in doing this we are, in effect, experiencing new beginnings in a time in which they are pressingly needed. 

So, to the usual, the same old same old, and the things are always the same, it’s out with the old and in with the new, and boy does new vision look good on you 😉 #lovebythedrop 

Gems of Insight

Today’s Gem of Insight #157

Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that guarding our hearts is not just a good thing to do, it’s essential. When thinking about what it means to guard our hearts, most of us probably think of the importance of being precise and careful about what we allow to enter into our hearts, who we allow to occupy our time, space, and world, as well as what we allow ourselves to be exposed to and influenced by, and that is certainly part of it. 

In addition to being cautious about what we allow to enter into our hearts, we also need to be cautious about what we allow to leave our hearts. Sometimes we, through circumstances and experiences, find ourselves so focused on protecting ourselves and our hearts that we don’t realize that we are allowing the goodness, faith, and moral and ethical sensibilities that we possess to leak out and dissipate. And then we wonder why we feel restless, troubled, and are suddenly “not feeling like ourselves or acting like ourselves.”

So, as we focus on guarding our hearts and protecting our peace, joy, and overall wellbeing, let’s remember that our hearts have both an entrance and an exit. May we be ever-mindful of what we allow to enter, as well as what we allow to leave our hearts as we live the abundant life that we were created to live. ❤ #lovebythedrop