Today’s Gem of Gratitude #365


Today I am thankful for insight. On today, the last day of my 365 Days of Thanks project, I find myself thinking about insight, specifically the insight that I have been blessed to acquire throughout my completion of this project. Taking the time to think about and describe something different for which I am thankful each day has truly been an eye-opening experience for me. I have learned even more about the minute idiosyncrasies that comprise who I am, how I live, whom I love, and to what I dedicate my efforts and my time. And I have also become more aware of just why it is that I have no reason to ever allow myself to have a pity party.

Simply put, I have too much to be thankful for to allow myself to focus on the few moments, instances, and circumstances that seek to cause me to lose sight of the importance of exercising my sense of gratitude at all times. This 365 Days of Thanks project has truly been a journey. And just because I have technically completed the project, that does not mean that I am finished writing about the blessings in my life for which I am truly thankful. Trust me, there is so much more that remains to be shared. And in the meantime, I thank you all for taking this journey with me thus far, and I hope that you will stay with me for the remainder of the ride. #lovebythedrop

Today’s Gem of Gratitude #364


Today I am thankful for lemon cake. I do not know what it is about lemon cake that absolutely causes it to be so endearing to me, but whatever it is, it definitely works, and it works well. No matter where I go, whom I am with, or what we are doing, the minute that I even remotely hear that some entity in my vicinity is selling lemon cake or giving away lemon cake, my interest is automatically piqued. And for me, it’s not so much about the tartness that is sometimes associated with lemon-flavored items, but rather the richness of the flavor that lemon-flavored items, especially cake, possess. I really could easily put bite after bite after bite of lemon cake in my mouth until I have polished off enough lemon cake to make most people feel as though they want to fall over and clutch a pillow and a bottle of their preferred medication used to combat an upset stomach. And though I could take it to that point, I try to limit my intake of lemon cake to a mere conservative slice, once in a blue moon. Is it a challenge? Yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely! #lovebythedrop

Today’s Gem of Gratitude #363


Today I am thankful for the ability to own things. My ability to own items is something that I do not take for granted. In many parts of the world, due to various conditions and circumstances, many people are not permitted to truly own items outright, oftentimes due to poverty, class, status, or gender. Living my life here has, at times, caused me to overlook the monumental importance associated with my ability to own things. Yet, it is in moments such as this one that I truly realize the magnitude of the blessing of ownership, and it is a blessing that I pray that everyone in the world has the opportunity to come to know and appreciate at some point in their lifetime. #lovebythedrop