Dear Past, I Hope You’re Happy Behind Me…

Today was one of those days when the intricacies of life were not without their unique shades of irony, causing things to feel slightly off kilter, yet on track at the same time. If that is even possible. Well, it must be possible, because that was my day in a nutshell.

Without going into a lot of detail, let’s just say that for a few moments that major nasal/sinus congestion that I have been battling for years, eased up a little bit, seemingly out of the blue. My work day was practically a breeze, and it actually looks as though I will be making it to bed at a decent time tonight. Yes! Thank You, Lord!

Now, I can imagine that so far that sense of irony that I was alluding to has yet to become evident to you. That’s understandable, but stick with me for just a little bit longer. I promise that it’s going to show up. Right. Now.

You see, the irony made its appearance in the form of a person from my past whose presence mysteriously surfaced today after a lengthy period of no contact. This person, who once occupied a very special place in my life, is very much now a part of my past.

But what happens when your past attempts to do a swan dive smack dab in the middle of your present? Now depending on where we are at with that wonderful friend of ours named “closure,” our answer to that question is likely to vary.

And, no, I am not here to provide an answer – such an answer requires individualized considerations, which can and should be very personal. I am here, however, to lend a pinch of encouragement. And in that vein, I encourage us all to remember that just because the past comes knocking on our present door, that does not mean that we have to open it. We can. But we don’t have to…the choice is ours.

If we decide that our past has matured enough to make it a right fit for our present, then so be it, let’s extend that hand. But if we decide that our past continues to be less than right for us, then may we confidently remind our past that it is just that…the past, and keep it moving. Even this time of year when joy, busyness, and chaos somehow mingle together and abound. After all, it is never the wrong time to look out for and protect one’s own well-being. Joy to the world, my dears! #lovebythedrop

We Want, and then We Want

You know, it’s funny that it is our natural, human inclination to focus with laserlike precision on the very things that we want but don’t have, believe we deserve but have yet to grasp, seek with fervor only to be left empty handed.

When we are not in a relationship it seems as though everywhere we turn we see couples, living, breathing advertisements and previews of that elusive situation in which we imagine ourselves to one day be. We crave it, long for it, and allow our desire for it to fill us to near expulsion of our sanity.

When we are in a relationship it seems as though we can never find enough “me time,” space, or whatever convenient descriptor that we think to use to indicate our need for separation, even in a temporary and healthy sense.

We want what we don’t have, and just like that we elevate what we don’t have to a greater level of importance and value than the treasure for which we once fought, sacrificed, and prayed so hard to possess. We shift our focus, and in so doing we relinquish our peace, choosing instead to embrace a false sense of lack. 

That’s right. False. Why false? Because the reality is that the sense of lack that we experience is one of perspective rather than a tangible, reality in which we are immersed. It’s a shift in perspective. Just. Like. That.

The good thing about a shift in perspective, though, is that we can shift it back. Now, because we are all individuals that process of shifting our perspective back will look different, and for some it may be easier done than it is for others. But for each and every one of us it always begins with a choice, an active decision to face the reality of the situation, decide what we truly want and value, and then move in that direction. The choice is ours. May we choose well. #lovebythedrop


At any given moment we can look at ourselves in the mirror, think about ourselves while taking a breather, or contemplate others’ descriptions of us and think “wow, I really like myself today,” “oh man, what’s wrong with me?,” or anything in between.

At any given moment a snapshot of each and every one of us will reveal a different view of us than we held even the moment before, and no matter how minute those differences might be, the snapshots will always be different.

My question to all of us is: what do those differences reveal to us and are we okay with it? 

For some of us the differences between those snapshots are substantial – in one moment we love ourselves, in the next we can’t even tolerate looking at ourselves in the mirror. Yet for others of us the differences are practically unnoticeable.

Now, I’m not here to say that one reality is better than another. In all actuality each one of us is the only person who can decide for each of us whether or not our reality, our view of ourselves from any given moment to the next, is right, best, or better for us.

I am simply here to ask: what do your snapshots reveal about you and are you okay with it? Be blessed. #lovebythedrop