We Want, and then We Want

You know, it’s funny that it is our natural, human inclination to focus with laserlike precision on the very things that we want but don’t have, believe we deserve but have yet to grasp, seek with fervor only to be left empty handed.

When we are not in a relationship it seems as though everywhere we turn we see couples, living, breathing advertisements and previews of that elusive situation in which we imagine ourselves to one day be. We crave it, long for it, and allow our desire for it to fill us to near expulsion of our sanity.

When we are in a relationship it seems as though we can never find enough “me time,” space, or whatever convenient descriptor that we think to use to indicate our need for separation, even in a temporary and healthy sense.

We want what we don’t have, and just like that we elevate what we don’t have to a greater level of importance and value than the treasure for which we once fought, sacrificed, and prayed so hard to possess. We shift our focus, and in so doing we relinquish our peace, choosing instead to embrace a false sense of lack. 

That’s right. False. Why false? Because the reality is that the sense of lack that we experience is one of perspective rather than a tangible, reality in which we are immersed. It’s a shift in perspective. Just. Like. That.

The good thing about a shift in perspective, though, is that we can shift it back. Now, because we are all individuals that process of shifting our perspective back will look different, and for some it may be easier done than it is for others. But for each and every one of us it always begins with a choice, an active decision to face the reality of the situation, decide what we truly want and value, and then move in that direction. The choice is ours. May we choose well. #lovebythedrop

Today’s Gem of Insight #141

StubbornToday’s insight journey led me to the idea that stubbornness should not be confused with determination. Some of us appear to have stubbornness running through our veins, so much so that it may even be written across our hearts. Others of us simply have momentary encounters with stubbornness as we refuse to allow it to dwell in our midst for very long. Yet, whatever the case may be, none of us are strangers to stubbornness. Some of us just court it more closely than others.

Since we all have some sort of familiarity with stubbornness, we all need to be aware of the fact that stubbornness occasionally attempts to masquerade around under the guise of determination, though try as hard as it may, it is never quite that convincing in the long run. Sure, stubbornness can in some instances resemble determination – both require a firm stance, focused effort, and an unrelenting pursuit of something. However, stubbornness usually is birthed out of a dedication to selfishness, whereas determination traditionally stems from a more neutral base.

So, when faced with a choice between following the path of stubbornness or determination, hopefully we will forego the easy slide into the way of stubbornness, and instead navigate the road less traveled, the way of determination. See you along the way 🙂 #lovebythedrop

Today’s Gem of Insight #137

calm-lake-tree-shadow-morning-landscapeToday’s insight journey led me to the idea that just as there is a calm before the storm, there is also a calm that follows the storm. Sometimes we allow ourselves to become so caught up in the challenges that we face at any given time. In fact, it can seem as though we have been slung into a tight abyss that is continuously closing in on us with a fervor as we stare up at the small opening miles and miles above our head wondering if the the chaos unfolding around us will ever abate. And we find ourselves so blinded by the unfortunate circumstances that we fail to realize that the storm will end and calmness will court us once again. We simply must endure. #lovebythedrop