It’s Great to Be Back!

I apologize for the fact that it has been a while since I posted any new entries on this blog, as well as for the fact that I halted the most recent project that I had been working on, 365 Days of Insight, without notice. To state that the past few months have been a challenge would be an understatement. Yet, even in my absence you all were on my mind.  With that said, I am glad to finally be returning to writing and to this blog, both of which are very dear to my heart. Thank you for your continued support. Let’s resume this wonderful ride that we call Love by the Drop. Be blessed.

Today’s Gem of Insight #82


Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that life really is much easier when we learn from the mistakes that others have made rather than constantly insisting on making our own. While growing up I heard adults say things like “learn from my mistakes” and “pay attention so that you can live a life that is better than mine.” And though I realized that those adults had my best interest at heart, it was not until I became an adult and experienced some heavy duty circumstances of my own that I truly came to appreciate those statements. And after becoming an adult and finding myself well on my way to becoming a mature young lady, I reached the understanding that I could still learn a number of things in life without having to experience everything directly – I did not have to enter into a certain type of dating relationship to learn the lessons that can come out of that, just as I did not have to work for a certain type of boss in order to glean the lessons that can come from that.

Now, I will not say that I have always made the best use of this gem of a method, but the times that I have put it into practice have proved to be very beneficial. And, yes, there are some things that we simply will not grab ahold of until we experience them for ourselves. Unfortunately, that is just how we tend to operate at times as human beings – not because we cannot help it, but because we tend to be a little stubborn. But if we will allow ourselves to truly grasp and implement this concept of learning from the mistakes of others, we really can live better quality lives than we ever thought possible. #lovebythedrop

Today’s Gem of Insight #67


Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that we do not have to wait until Thanksgiving Day to demonstrate our gratitude. The world dedicates a special day to openly sharing the gratitude that is in our hearts every year — Thanksgiving Day. It is a holiday that I enjoy. And though many people make various arguments about the controversial nature of that holiday, I prefer to focus on the simple aspect of giving thanks.

Now, even though Thanksgiving Day is still a couple of weeks away, why not bring back the spirit of gratitude early? After all, I wake up everyday with an infinite number of things for which I am thankful. And I imagine that such might be the case for you all too. So, with all of this gratitude flowing so freely it would be a shame to keep it all bottled up for another two weeks.

So, in the spirit of being thankful I encourage all of us to take a little time to think about at least one thing for which we are thankful each day for the next two weeks. And if we really want to be adventurous we can let at least one different person for whom we are thankful know how much we appreciate them each day. You never know how far a little gratitude can go. #lovebythedrop