Today’s Gem of Insight #68


Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that challenges are going to surface throughout our lives. Once we make it through a challenging time we find ourselves breathing easier, relaxing a bit more, and enjoying the ease of seemingly carefree days. But as is the case with us, challenges are bound to surface throughout our lives. That is simply a given.

The good thing about knowing this in advance, though, is that we can prepare ourselves for the challenging times that will come should we choose to do so. It is our choice. Now, we may not know the details of what exactly will come our way, but based on what we have come to know about life, we know that challenges are going to surface.

Why exactly have I chosen to cover this topic right now? I have chosen to cover this topic right now because I have noticed, especially recently, that we as human beings tend to become so caught up in whatever challenge that we are dealing with in any given moment, a behavior that extends itself to the time period that immediately follows the occurrence of that challenge — the moment when the challenging situation is resolved. At that point we allow ourselves to become so focused on the fact that that challenge is now behind us that we begin to relax into the times of ease that follow as though that one challenge is the only challenge that we will ever experience in life. And then when the next challenge surfaces we are so caught off guard that the new challenge practically knocks us out on day one. All because we did not prepare ourselves and take the necessary precautions.

So, today, I am encouraging each and every one of us to prepare for the challenging times that will come by taking the necessary precautions. Doing so will not necessarily make it so that challenging times will avoid us entirely, but it will help us to minimize the effects of those challenging times on our lives. And that is a blessing in itself. #lovebythedrop

Today’s Gem of Insight #8


Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that time waits for no one. For some reason we human beings tend to approach life as though we have all of the time in the world, when in reality the few years of life that we have will be up before we know it. I am certainly an optimist, yet at the same time I realize that time moves rather quickly and once it is gone we cannot bring it back. And because we are human beings who on average live for about seventy-eight years, the series of twenty-four hour days that comprise our lives, which we fill with numerous tasks, are finite.

So what does all of this mean? I am glad that you asked. It means that we need to make every single year, month, week, day, minute, second, and so forth count. How do we do that? We accomplish that by strategically planning our time according to what is important, necessary, and desired for us. Do we have to plan every single thing that we do in advance? No. However, we should at least take the time to plan for the things that are important and necessary for us, and then build the rest of our schedule from there. By doing this we are essentially ensuring that we live our lives on purpose.

My guess is that no one wants to look back on their life once they have reached a very seasoned and mature age and realize that they spent the bulk of their time on things that held very little to no meaning, and that they missed out on doing many of the things that were more important and necessary for them. That is not what I want for myself, and that is certainly not what I want for you either.

So, even though time in and of itself may be fleeting, we can still find ways to maximize the time which we are given. After all, we have been blessed with this life, so we might as well be good stewards of it. #lovebythedrop