Today’s Gem of Insight #81


Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that it might be time for a gratitude challenge as the world prepares to shop its way through this holiday season. Everywhere that we turn this time of year the prevailing subject is Black Friday. In fact, with the passing of each year the Black Friday events start earlier, so much so that not only are there Black Friday events kicking off in the early evening of Thanksgiving Day, but many of them are set to begin as early as tomorrow.

A holiday that is supposed to be centered around spending time with loved ones and being thankful for the blessings of which we are aware, and many of which we have no idea, has been so overtaken by commercialization that for many people the only importance that Thanksgiving carries for them anymore is the promise of an inevitable shopping adventure that may potentially lead to discounted treasures.

Now, it is not my intention to comment on whether Black Friday is or is not appropriate; that is for each person to decide for himself or herself. What I do intend to do, though, is to make the following challenge to everyone out there: for each item that you purchase during Black Friday events, why not do something nice for someone who is not in a position to do anything nice for you in return out of gratitude for the blessings that abound in your life? Sure, it may require some extra effort, but taking the time to spread a little gratitude is more than worth it. #lovebythedrop

Today’s Gem of Insight #67


Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that we do not have to wait until Thanksgiving Day to demonstrate our gratitude. The world dedicates a special day to openly sharing the gratitude that is in our hearts every year — Thanksgiving Day. It is a holiday that I enjoy. And though many people make various arguments about the controversial nature of that holiday, I prefer to focus on the simple aspect of giving thanks.

Now, even though Thanksgiving Day is still a couple of weeks away, why not bring back the spirit of gratitude early? After all, I wake up everyday with an infinite number of things for which I am thankful. And I imagine that such might be the case for you all too. So, with all of this gratitude flowing so freely it would be a shame to keep it all bottled up for another two weeks.

So, in the spirit of being thankful I encourage all of us to take a little time to think about at least one thing for which we are thankful each day for the next two weeks. And if we really want to be adventurous we can let at least one different person for whom we are thankful know how much we appreciate them each day. You never know how far a little gratitude can go. #lovebythedrop

Today’s Gem of Gratitude #168 – Happy Thanksgiving!


Today I am thankful for all of the blessings that I have, as well as those that are coming my way. This day is typically a day reserved to spend with those whom we love, giving thanks for everything for which we are grateful. My hope is that we will maintain this attitude of thanks and love each and every day of the year, revolutionizing the world with each drop of love. Be blessed everyone! #lovebythedrop