Today’s Gem of Insight #101


Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that jealousy does not become us. Jealousy is a sign of insecurity and a lack of faith, and, if not dealt with promptly and properly, it can produce long-lasting, debilitating, and crippling effects.

It is pretty safe to say that we have all had moments when we have allowed jealousy to have an effect on us, whether for long periods of time or short ones. And it’s also probably safe to say that we did not enjoy the experience of being jealous in the least bit.

The good thing about realizing what jealousy is, what it can do to us and our lives, as well as how it makes us feel, though, is that we are in the position to make a knowledgeable decision whether or not to give into the coaxing of jealousy in the future, because we already know what it’s like to head down that path.

Knowing the truth about jealousy will not necessarily make it any easier to say “no” to jealousy, but it just may help us to do our best job of avoiding situations and circumstances that might yield to jealousy an open door into our lives. It all comes down to us and what we choose to do, and if we make well-informed and appropriate decisions, jealousy will have no choice but to look at us from afar and keep moving on down the road. #lovebythedrop

Today’s Gem of Gratitude #291


Today I am thankful for Bruce Lee. I have been for years and always will be a Bruce Lee fan, and I know that I am not alone in that regard. Some of us appreciate him for his martial arts abilities. Others of us are drawn to him because of his genuinely human qualities.

As for me, I am a fan of him because of who he was as a person. There is not just one aspect of him that draws my appreciation. Personally, I would not dare to say that it is just his compassion for others, or his ability to succeed and thrive despite the odds that resonates with me. Nor would I say that it is his larger than life persona or his physical prowess that has captured my interest. What draws me to Bruce Lee is who he was as a person and the person whom his legacy allows him to continue to be even though he is no longer physically with us.

He continues to be a constant reminder to me of what is possible, as well as the importance of persevering and never giving up. He is a reminder of the fact that it is possible to be intelligent, endearing, personable, strong, and driven. He is a reminder to me that being myself is more than just okay; it’s what is perfect for me. And other than my parents, he was the first person who ever caused me to realize that. And to think that he accomplished that posthumously via his legacy, now that is what you call a true legend. #lovebythedrop

Today’s Gem of Gratitude #281


Today I am thankful for options. I am a woman who is more than capable of handling herself when boxed into a corner, but having options is certainly something that I appreciate. Having a choice of entrées for dinner, shoes for an outfit, and even greeting cards for a loved one’s birthday is a blessing to me. And what is even better than simply having options is having options that do not essentially require me to pick between the lesser of two evils, so to speak. As a person who has found herself in that position on multiple occasions, having to make a choice under those circumstances is not something that I would wish for anyone.

Options bring with them freedom, and the greater the quality of the options, the more substantial the freedom. There is just one small catch though. In order for the freedom that comes along with having options to manifest itself a person must be willing to make a choice and capable of making a choice between those options. And there lies the challenge when a person finds himself or herself in a state in which he or she either does not want to, does not feel capable of, or simply does not feel like choosing anything. And, for me, it has been in those moments, when I have seized the opportunity to choose between the options with which I was presented, whether desired or less so, despite not wanting to do so, that I have come to see myself anew. #lovebythedrop