Today I happen to be sitting here for a few solitary moments enjoying some peace and quiet after a busy, yet productive day. I had no intention to write anything today, yet the more that I sit here the more that I feel like I need to write. 

This all came about because somehow I began scrolling through some of my old posts from when I first began this blog in June of 2013, and I came across a post that I wrote about heartbreak as a part of the 365 Days of Thanks Project that I was doing.

That post dealt more so with heartbreak of the amorous persuasion, but then it dawned on me that I am currently experiencing heartbreak as it concerns the loss of a friend. 

You see, someone whom I had come to care about greatly, had developed a pretty close relationship with, and spent a lot of time with over the last 8 months just disappeared from my life, out of the blue. No warning. No negative interactions. No indicators of any kind that any type of disappearance was on the horizon. Just there one day and gone the next.

Now, at first I wondered if I had done something wrong and just hadn’t realized it. Nope, there wasn’t anything that I could think of at all. Then I wondered if maybe my friend was in trouble or dealing with a challenging situation. I’m not sure about that, though, because of the lack of contact. Then it dawned on me that this friend of mine was probably someone who was only meant to be in my life for a season. 

You see, I had been praying for this person, even before the disappearance occurred, and then also after the disappearance took place, asking that God’s will be accomplished, that He would bless her and her family, and that He would help me to accept whatever His will was. And when it dawned on me that this friend of mine was probably one of those seasonal gems that surface in life but for a little while, it was pretty clear to me that God was answering my prayers and providing me with the insight that I needed.

Did my heart still break? Yes, because that person is my friend and one of the very few people whom I have truly opened up to and shared private aspects of myself with in quite a while. Yet, my heart did not remain stagnant at that moment of unexpected breaking. My heart, dear ones, is very much on the mend. How so, you might be asking? Because I gave it all to God, the whole friendship and everything associated with it, before the heartbreak even occurred.

Did I handle everything perfectly? Of course not. But the evidence of growth is there. I put it all in God’s hands, and because I did that I don’t feel like I’m the one tasked with fixing the situation and me. That is for God to do. And in the process of His mending me and my heart, He is preparing me for the future – the love and friendship that is to come, ensuring that I grow through this situation, rather than be broken by it. Ensuring that when love and friendship arrive in the future, I won’t shy away from them or mistreat them because of past hurts. Instead I will embrace them and cherish them as the priceless gifts that they are. Be encouraged 🙂 #lovebythedrop

Today’s Gem of Gratitude #351

fish tacos

Today I am thankful for fish tacos. A great friend of mine invited me over to her house to spend some quality time with her and her family today. And as we spent time discussing art, work, pending voyages and much more, we enjoyed tasty homemade fish tacos, perfectly cooked rice, and wonderfully flavorful black beans. And did I mention that my friend served her fish tacos with a topping of homemade chipotle mayo. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. It was a straightforward, yet elegant dish that, according to my friend, did not take long to prepare but was completely full of flavor. In fact, I enjoyed partaking of this meal so much that, if at any time she needs someone to sample her fish tacos in the future, she knows exactly where to find me, and I promise that I will be more than ready to assist. #lovebythedrop

Today’s Gem of Gratitude #337


Today I am thankful for shrimp and grits. Apparently, shrimp and grits is primarily a southern thing. Well, let me rephrase that, authentic shrimp and grits is primarily a southern thing. As a good southern gal, naturally, when I think about breakfast of any sort I think about buttery and creamy grits. And having grown up near natural bodies of water that proffered just about any type of seafood that one could ever desire, it’s no surprise that I like lots of shrimp with my grits.

So, when I accompanied a friend of mine to her father’s home in one of the northern southern states and he prepared shrimp and grits with that delicious gravy for us and paired it with a nice, tall glass of fresh brewed sweet tea, I was in complete foodie heaven. The shrimp were fresh (her father owned his own shrimping business) and perfectly cooked. The grits were creamy with just the right amount of bite, and they definitely were not instant. And the gravy that the shrimp were bathed in tasted like nothing that I had ever encountered before, but could not believe that I had been missing out on.

I have since asked my friend for that recipe, and she was more than happy to give it to me. Unfortunately, though, I misplaced it before I had a chance to test it out for myself. Thankfully, though, she and that recipe are just a phone call away. #lovebythedrop