Fruitvale Station: Undeniably Brilliant & Necessary


This is a very well-written commentary on this powerful and timely movie that addresses social and cultural issues that have plagued our society for far too long. #lovebythedrop

Written by: Derrick JaxnImageLast night I had the opportunity to watch Ryan Coogler’s new movie, Fruitvale Station starring Michael B. Jordan as Oscar Grant. As expected, the story is a tragic and hardly uncommon one of a young black male being treated like the red headed step child of modern day America we’re constantly being shown that we are.

No spoiler alert here. But a bigger point is to be made by this movie that we’re too afraid to touch on.

Non-racist whites don’t like to talk about racism or to acknowledge that racism is still a problem. Why? Because it usually means they’re getting ready to be falsely accused of being racist. But because they’re not, nor have been subject to racism(outside of mean looks), they see it as just a figment of our imagination and a thing of the past. I get it. Image

Blacks are constantly subject…

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