Today’s Gem of Gratitude #58


Today I am thankful for organization. We all have our preferences in life, from the type of food that we like to eat to the way that we prefer that the toilet paper roll faces on the toilet paper roll holder. We all have the ways in which we like for things to be done, and that is no less true for the idea of how things are organized. Some people consider the organization of things – their lives overall, their house, their closet, their office, etc. – to be extremely important, whereas others consider it to be superfluous. I happen to be one of the former who very much appreciates organization and prefers that that level of organization be maintained as much as possible. This preference for things to be organized applies to the state of my home, work environment, and my overall life as I have come to know it.

There is something very stress-releaving and comforting about knowing that everything has a specific place assigned to it and that everything is in its assigned place. I do not know about you, but I appreciate being able to consistently locate the things that I need and want because I know where they are, because I generally put them in the same place. This saves me from having to constantly go searching for the things that I need and want, and for me that reduces the level of stress that I experience. Now, my appreciation for organization is not so extreme, however, that I am unable to adapt to to situations in which the level of organization is not as high as that which I am used to. Sometimes, you just have to go with the flow and find peace in whatever situation, and that includes situations that are different from whatever is the norm in one’s life.

Now, I certainly know that there are many people out there for whom the opposite is true – they thrive in an environment that is not so precisely organized. And for some of them, when someone takes it upon himself or herself to “organize” that person’s environment it completely catches that person off guard and throws off their sense of security and comfort by throwing their routine right out of the window.

This difference in appreciation for organization is just one of the many ways that we human beings demonstrate how different we are from each other, as well as how similar we are to each other at the same time. At this point, the ways in which this indicates how different we are from each other are likely pretty clear. However, the ways in which it also indicates how similar we are to each other might not be as clear. It demonstrates how similar we are to each other in the sense that it shows that we all, no matter what our different preferences may be, still have preferences. And that, as well as many other key factors, serves to unite us. So, in reality, being different from each other merely reinforces the idea that we truly are more similar to each other than we may have realized. #lovebythedrop

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