Today’s Gem of Insight #4


Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that if something is meant for you, it will be yours. Oftentimes, we find ourselves so committed to one particular outcome or series of desired results that we, if not careful, allow ourselves to permit desperation to fuel our quest to bring about the desired outcome or results. Doing so, however, tends to bring about the exact opposite outcome or results because desperation usually causes us to hold onto people and things so tightly and fail to make certain decisions that need to be made, that we end up self-sabotaging, oftentimes without even knowing that we are doing so.

What we need to remember, though, is that if something (including having a relationship with a specific individual) is meant for us, it will be ours. Yes, we do need to ensure that we take action when we need to and remain reserved when we need to. However, we also need to be secure enough and confident enough to know that when something is truly meant for us we do not need to panic, attempt to hold onto it for dear life, or scramble to make things happen. Everything that is for us, is for us, and resting in that truth brings peace and contentment. #lovebythedrop

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