Today’s Gem of Insight #16


Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that we all have a voice for a reason. When I say that we all have a voice I am not simply referring to the combination of audible sounds produced by the vibration of our vocal cords. Rather I am referring to the expression of sentiments, suggestions, opinions, and nuggets of information that we each possess. And whether we have a tendency to admit it or not, we all have thoughts and expressions that surface in our minds and hearts.

The trouble arises, though, when we experience challenges concerning discerning what to say and when to say it. Some of us say whatever we think without regard to whether or not we should express whatever it is that is on our mind and whether or not the timing is right, which often leads to us revealing too much information in the wrong timing. Yet, others of us give too much thought to what we should say and the timing of it all, which typically results in us rarely ever saying anything at all.

Neither extreme benefits us nor the people who are in our lives, as too much or too little of something will always be inadequate. Yet, hovering somewhere around that middle ground where we both actively and with balance evaluate whether or not we should say what we want to say and whether or not the timing is appropriate, now that sounds like the perfect combination to me. #lovebythedrop

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