Today’s Gem of Insight #34


Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that there’s nothing wrong with cooking with recipes. These days we see so many people cooking fabulous meals, creating exquisite creations, oftentimes making it look so easy. And sometimes we may think that we should be as culinarily inclined as others, doing everything from scratch while tapping into culinary knowledge that we unfortunately do not possess, and we may even feel pressure to be a perfect chef on top of wearing the many other hats that we are expected to wear on a daily basis.

The good thing for us, though, is that it’s all up to us. We have the choice to ignore the pressure and expectations, and just enjoy life instead. And part of that choice to enjoy life can include cooking and baking some amazing treats, even if it means making use of recipes to do it. After all, we are human beings with different backgrounds, natural abilities, and experiences, who could not be realistically expected to innately know how to do everything.

So, let’s send those pressures and expectations packing, and let’s get cooking! #lovebythedrop

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