Today’s Gem of Insight #51


Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that “others may, but I cannot.” I remember the first time that I encountered that saying. I was at church listening to my pastor give a sermon that centered around taking responsibility for our actions and realizing that sometimes we simply cannot do the same things that other people do – not because we are unable to, but because the things that they do are not appropriate for us to do.

Needless to say, that concept was a revolutionary one for me, especially as I considered the fact that that concept even applies to activities and behaviors that might generally be considered good or positive. Although certain activities and behaviors might be alright for others, those same activities and behaviors just simply might not be right for us. It may be a timing issue or maybe even an issue that concerns the individuals involved. But whatever it is, we need to be mature enough to acknowledge and accept that sometimes “others may, but I cannot.” #lovebythedrop

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