Today’s Gem of Insight #114


Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that sometimes it takes a while and a few tries to find the right fit. In this world where so much focus is placed on experiencing instant gratification it can be a challenge to give things time and attempt the same things multiple times in order to obtain the desired outcome. Yet, sometimes that is exactly what we need to do, as there will be times when patiently waiting is the best course of action, just as there will be times when executing multiple attempts at achieving something will bring about the exact course of events that is needed.

Sure, it can be very enjoyable to obtain what we want right away and without having to invest much effort. But more often than not, the greatest sense of enjoyment will surface in times when we have had to wait, hope, believe, and work for something. So let’s not discount the importance of waiting and making multiple attempts at achieving something. Doing so just may introduce us to our best day yet. #lovebythedrop

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