Today’s Gem of Insight #150


Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that it is okay to wait, there is nothing wrong with abstinence. In this day and age there is so much that must be considered when it comes to engaging in sexual activity – the potential transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, the occurrence of unexpected pregnancies, and more. As a society we acknowledge these things more and more and we have come to a greater acceptance of the fact that people, especially young people, choose to have sex outside of marriage. And because people choose to have sex outside of marriage, we must educate them to at least practice safer sex.

Now, though I am a Christian whose beliefs line up with the Bible, I do understand that people who have free will are going to make their own choices, some of which may include a choice to engage in pre-marital sex. Given that, I certainly believe that educating people on how to have safer sex is paramount.

However, my concern is that in our focused effort to ensure that people are educated on how to engage in safer sex we have somehow lost sight of the fact that abstinence is still the safest option, and that it is one that should still be mentioned and encouraged. Yes, at the end of the day people are going to make up their own minds and do whatever they want to do. Yet, in our efforts to respect the individual freedoms and rights of everyone in this beautiful world there is no harm in reminding people that, though individuals who choose to have pre-marital sex should do so while observing the safest practices possible, abstinence is still a viable and relevant option that has not lost its importance. And abstinence really is okay. #lovebythedrop

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