Today’s Gem of Insight #153

Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that God is not an accessory. I realize that there exist many different beliefs in this world and I respect everyone’s choice to belief what they choose to believe. The differences that exist between the many belief systems that are held, observed, and practiced in this world, however, will not be the focus of this blog entry. This blog entry will focus on the importance of God and how that factors into the Christian walk as represented in my life. And no, this is not a blog entry that is intended to admonish or judge, but rather to provide some much needed encouragement to each and every one of us.

More and more, as the days go by, I notice that many people in this world profess to be Christians, and as is likely the case for many Christians out there, when I hear people state that they are Christians it certainly piques my interest. However, my interest is quickly lost when I learn that the profession does not accompany the demonstration of a life that is truly dedicated to Christ. And as a Christian, I must admit that when this happens a brief moment of sadness tends to come over me before I shake it off and then move on.

Why does the sadness arrive? The sadness arrives because I realize that it is often easiest to recognize in others the very things that we ourselves are plagued with, but in many instances are not acknowledging, addressing, or fixing. And when I encounter people who profess to be Christians but live lives that scream the opposite I find myself dealing with that momentary sadness. That sadness is present because I want more for them than they are experiencing, and because I realize that there are times when I, too, am not living exactly as I should.

If there is one thing that I know to be true, it’s that God should be fully integrated into our lives. Not an afterthought. Not a convenience. Not a temporary associate. And the more that we integrate God into our lives the more that our lives will demonstrate the decision that we have made to follow Christ. 

This world is oftentimes salty, bitter, vile, and dangerous, with occasional moments of sweetness, kindness, and love peppered throughout. And only a life that is completely and genuinely committed to Christ and living the life that it was created to live will ever reach a world that is as wounded and hurt as the one in which we find ourselves.

May we all live in such a way as to allow the love of Christ to reach where we cannot reach, change what we cannot change, and mend what we cannot mend. Be blessed 🙂 #lovebythedrop

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