At any given moment we can look at ourselves in the mirror, think about ourselves while taking a breather, or contemplate others’ descriptions of us and think “wow, I really like myself today,” “oh man, what’s wrong with me?,” or anything in between.

At any given moment a snapshot of each and every one of us will reveal a different view of us than we held even the moment before, and no matter how minute those differences might be, the snapshots will always be different.

My question to all of us is: what do those differences reveal to us and are we okay with it? 

For some of us the differences between those snapshots are substantial – in one moment we love ourselves, in the next we can’t even tolerate looking at ourselves in the mirror. Yet for others of us the differences are practically unnoticeable.

Now, I’m not here to say that one reality is better than another. In all actuality each one of us is the only person who can decide for each of us whether or not our reality, our view of ourselves from any given moment to the next, is right, best, or better for us.

I am simply here to ask: what do your snapshots reveal about you and are you okay with it? Be blessed. #lovebythedrop

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