Today’s Gem of Gratitude #6


Today I am thankful for my relationship with God. My life would be nothing without it. It is why I do not give up when the challenges of life attempt to bulldoze me. Knowing that God is with me through it all, working on my behalf, is a comfort beyond measure. He is my rock, and without Him I can do nothing.

I know that we all have different view points on faith, spirituality and religion. But what I am referring to here is relationship, not religion or spirituality. Wherever you are in life, no matter what you are facing, it’s important to know that no one can make it alone. And as for me, I have come to realize that God is who I need most.

I realize that this subject matter might be touchy for some people; please know that it is never my intention to offend anyone. However, my expression of thanksgiving would never be complete without taking the time to show my gratitude for the relationship that more than all others makes me who I am.

What makes you who you are? #lovebythedrop

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