Today’s Gem of Insight #2


Please pardon the delay in posting this Gem of Insight. Unfortunately, I have been somewhat under the weather for the past couple of days, which has resulted in my needing to get a lot of rest. I am feeling better now and hope to be fully past whatever this is by tomorrow. Be blessed everyone!

Today’s Gem of Insight #2

Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that it really is important to not sweat the small things, a concept that for me has proven to be a challenge in the past. As a person who both notices and appreciates the details in life, no matter how numerous they may be, if not careful I can easily be swept away by life’s many little intricacies. And though sometimes it is important to pay attention to the details – i.e. when performing tasks at work, when baking a cake, or when watching a movie – on occasion it is essential to allow some of the details to slide by without much consideration, especially when those details are outside of the realm of what we can control or those details will derail us, causing us to lose sight of what truly requires our attention at that moment.

In addition, there are certainly benefits to not allowing ourselves to sweat the small things, such as maintaining peace of mind, making a more efficient use of time, and ensuring that we live in the moment, just to name a few. When we allow ourselves to become caught up with the details we oftentimes rob ourselves of the peace that we have, find ourselves scrambling to fit everything in, and miss so much of life and the things that are happening in the world around us, all because we are focusing on things that are not integral, which often leads to the onset of unnecessary stress and frustration. And who wants that?

So, when the potentially distracting small things come your way, why not square your shoulders and let them know that it is time for them to be on their way? You and your life will certainly be the better for it. #lovebythedrop

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