Today’s Gem of Insight #6


Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that we must never forget the importance of solidarity. On this day thirteen years ago this country faced a horrendous tragedy. Many lives were lost, physically, mentally, and spiritually, and many hearts were broken. Many of us came face-to-face with new fears and the measure of our courage and ability to endure was tested.

Yet, through it all those of us who remained found a way to pick up the pieces and continue with our lives, though our personal stories had now been forever changed. And through the process we learned many things about ourselves – the strength of character and fortitude that we possess, the drive that we have to survive and forge our way, and the compassion that we have for our fellow man, especially as expressed during his time of need.

These unparalleled qualities jointly manifested themselves in the solidarity that we shared with each other. That day, and for a time thereafter, there were no separate groups of people, no castes, no divisions – we were all one nation, one heart, one voice. And my hope is that we never lay down that sense of solidarity, that willingness to support, encourage, and love our fellow man, and that we will not solely reserve such expressions for the aftermath of tragedies, but will rather embrace this commitment to the nurturing of the individuals who comprise this nation and beyond with a continuous and consistent fervency as yet unknown. #lovebythedrop

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