Today’s Gem of Insight #7


Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that it is important that we honor the people whom we encounter in our lives. Oftentimes we are so focused on ourselves – what we need, want, and expect – that we rarely take the time to appreciate and acknowledge the positive things that others do or experience. At times, this is due to being so focused on making sure that our lives are good and that we are taken care of and respected, whereas on other occasions it is a result of us feeling overly competitive, jealous, or insecure.

Now, please do not misunderstand what I am saying here, healthy competition can be good, and in many instances is encouraged, but being excessively competitive to the extent that it causes a detriment to the lives of everyone involved is not something that is healthy, nor does it positively benefit society or the world at large.

Whatever the reason may be that we overlook the positive achievements and experiences of others, that is an area in which we cannot afford to drop the ball. In this life we are to love each other, and one of the greatest ways to demonstrate our love for each other is by honoring each other, in the way that we interact with each other, think about each other, and behave regarding each other.

And the amazing thing about honoring others is that oftentimes it is the smallest thing that we do for someone that honors them in the most substantial way. Sometimes it can be as simple as congratulating someone on earning a promotion or on learning how to cook a specific recipe, or even complimenting that person on the way in which they are dressed that day. It truly can be that easy. And giving compliments or congratulating someone does not cost us anything.

Yes, there may be times when we may be in a position to honor someone via a method that requires more from us – i.e. treating that person to lunch, picking up their children from school because they are unable to do so, or maybe even blessing them with the beautiful coat that we just purchased for ourselves because we know that they do not have a coat.

There may also be times when we need to give honor to those individuals who may not even like us or may have mistreated us at some point. Now, I am not saying that anyone should interact with people who are violent toward them, threaten them with violence, or commit crimes against them. And I am also not saying that we need to have close relationships with people who do not like us or people who mistreat us in some way.

What I am saying, however, is that there will be times when we have the opportunity to honor a person who does not like us or a person who may have, for example, schemed and plotted to obtain a promotion that we were next in line for, or a person who knowingly took credit for the work that we did and accepted the accolades that were given in recognition of the work that we did. And I am pretty certain that you will agree with me that in situations like those, honoring such a person is the last thing that we want to do. However, honoring such an individual, especially when we do not want to do so, demonstrates the love that we have for people, shows the true depth of our character, and helps to fill this world with a light that cannot be extinguished. And we are blessed in the process to boot, because when we honor others that honor comes back to us.

I will leave you with one last note, and that is the fact that sometimes when we honor others that might be the only bit of positivity that they encounter that day, and that positive encounter may be the very thing that they need in order to advance to the next stage of becoming the person whom they were meant to be. Who knows what that person may be able to then accomplish all be cause we made the decision to honor them and infuse their life with a bit of positivity. A little positivity really can go a long way. #lovebythedrop

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