Today’s Gem of Insight #18


Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that sometimes we have got to just smile anyway, whether or not we feel like it, whether or not the circumstances of our lives are appealing, whether or not we are living the life that we truly want to live. Sometimes we simply need to tell ourselves that we will not allow anything or anyone to rob us of the peace and joy that we have inside, and that if need be we will even smile through the pain. Is it easier said than done? Yes. But is it completely worth it? Absolutely.

Initially, it may seem strange to smile while conditions are not the most favorable, and we may find ourselves thinking “what am I doing? This feels so ridiculous!” Yet, if we hang in there and remain persistent, eventually we will realize that we are thinking less about our pain and the unfavorable conditions and more about the fact that “this too shall pass.” And what will we do then? Well, smile even more of course, eventually realizing that what was once a chore has now become second nature. And to think that it all began with one moment, one choice, one smile. #lovebythedrop

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