Today’s Gem of Insight #47


Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that moderation is key. I know that this is not a new concept, but, for some reason, it seems like many of us forget about it from time to time. We get so caught up in indulging in the things that we desire and enjoy only to then feel guilty about it later, that we reel ourselves in and then put unrealistic limitations upon ourselves. And somehow, in the midst of all of that back and forth, we forget that there is a middle ground. And that middle ground is moderation.

Sure, it might take a while for moderation to become second nature to us, but such is the case with the implementation of most concepts that are worthwhile. It takes commitment, discipline, and practice. And when we effectively practice moderation we find that we experience fewer instances of going overboard with the things that we desire and enjoy, and in turn experience fewer sensations of guilt. It really is more than a novel concept; it’s practically a way of life. #lovebythedrop

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