Today’s Gem of Insight #48


Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that children are worthy of the truth too. I have noticed, here and there, that quite a few adults blatantly lie to children, especially when children ask them questions that concern topics that are not exactly kid-friendly.

Should we adults consider the age of the individual who is questioning us about something when formulating our responses? Yes. Absolutely. But as we are considering the age of the person who is questioning us, we need to keep in mind that needing to be careful about what we convey and how we convey it, because of the individual’s age, does not mean that we should lie to them. We may have to tap into our creative skills in order to provide an answer that is appropriate, but that need to be creative should never usher us into the realm of untruth. It is simply unfair, unnecessary, and no good can come from it.

So, when those little eyes stare up at us, awaiting a response to their probing questions, let’s look them in the eye and with love and respect tell them the truth. We will definitely thank ourselves for that in the long run. #lovebythedrop

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