Today’s Gem of Insight #65


Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that we must stay in faith even when it seems as though nothing is happening. A few blog entries ago I wrote about hope, specifically the fact that there is always hope. I mention hope now because in many ways hope and faith go hand in hand. Hope is, in essence, the harbored expectation of something, and faith is, in essence, the belief that something is possible. And just as it is sometimes a challenge to continue to hold onto the harbored expectations that we have, it can sometimes be a challenge to hold onto our belief that things are possible.

As I was sitting here contemplating faith and the importance of maintaining it even when it appears that nothing is happening – in our lives, situations, relationships, etc. – I found myself thinking about the fact that the most challenging times that I have experienced with holding onto and maintaining my faith have been when I have been believing for something to happen and needing something to happen, but it just seemed as though nothing was happening. It seemed that no matter how hard I believed or what I did, I just was not experiencing any results that I could notice.

But, as I thought about those situations and the importance of maintaining faith, I began to realize that just because it did not seem as though anything was happening in those moments that did not mean that God was not working things out in my favor. And as I continued to stay in faith and eventually noticed my circumstances getting better, seemingly over night, after having waited for so long, I was further reminded of the fact that God had been working everything out for me all along. That realization not only served to give me peace, but it also rejuvenated my hope.

So, when it seems as though our challenging situations are lingering and the help that we need does not appear to be within reach, I encourage all of us to keep in mind the fact that just because it does not seem as though anything is happening at the moment, that does not mean that nothing is happening. Be encouraged my dears and keep the faith. #lovebythedrop

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