Today’s Gem of Insight #66


Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that a life is a life, and every life should be respected. Recently a prominent public figure passed away unexpectedly and tragically. Many people throughout the world have offered their condolences while also expressing kind sentiments regarding that individual’s life.

However, there has also surfaced a number of individuals who have chosen this time to speak ill of this person through harsh and unrelenting comments that bolster something akin to pleasure derived from the death of this individual. Accusations have been slung. Character attacks have been issued. All of this in the wake of a life that has been lost.

Now, I am neither here to speak on behalf of the individual who lost their life, nor to comment on the validity of the accusations hurled at a person who is no longer in a position to refute or acknowledge them. I am writing to remind us all that a life is a life, and as such every life should be respected. Whether or not a person is guilty of something, and whether or not we agree with their behavior, choices, and the way that they lived their life, death marks the end of a life, a life that was likely cared for and loved by someone. So, if not at any other time, may we at least take ahold of and lead with respect in times such as these, if not for any other reason than the fact that we are all human. #lovebythedrop

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