Today’s Gem of Insight #117

IMG_4428Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that a little bit of consideration goes a long way. In this world that is so full of duties, responsibilities, and agendas, we can easily become enthralled by the circumstances of our lives, the happenings that directly affect us or the ones whom we love. And though it is certainly important that we concern ourselves with the various facets of our lives, we must not forget to consider the lives of others. Just as we experience challenges, changes, and demands on our time, so do others. 

So, when we encounter individuals who seem to exhibit a foul attitude or utilize deceptive and manipulative measures to obtain what they want, even if it is at our expense, we need to remember that everyone has their own challenges to deal with, and sometimes a little bit of consideration is all that is needed to open the eyes of those whom we encounter. #lovebythedrop

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