Today’s Gem of Insight #118

IMG_4431Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that sometimes it’s just nice to stay home and have some personal time. I enjoy being social, seeing the world, and communing with life on a regular basis, something that I believe is likely the case for many of us. I appreciate the people whom I meet, the experiences that I become a part of (sometimes inadvertently), and the lessons that I learn along the way.

Yet, at times, I want and need to have some time to myself, not in an attempt to avoid others or lock myself away from the world, but rather as a time of self-rejuvenation, if you will. Oftentimes, taking the time to stay at home and enjoy me, myself, and I not only allows me to relax, but it also helps me to learn things about myself of which I was previously unaware.

So, the next time that a friend or loved one ops to make it a night in instead of a night out, let’s applaud them knowing that they are taking some much needed time for themselves and making themselves a better them in the process. #lovebythedrop

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