Today’s Gem of Insight #119

successToday’s insight journey led me to the idea that what we think is success is not always success. We often imagine that being successful means having lots of money, notoriety, status, power, and, in some cases, even fame. And certainly those elements may accompany successful lives, but only as mere byproducts.

You see, true success is not measured by the things that you have, but rather by what you do with the resources that you possess and which motives and perspectives you adopt as you make use of those resources. For example, we often look to the lives of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mother Theresa, who, though they each possessed different resources, were not extremely well-to-do from a material standpoint. Yet, they both used what they had in positives ways, and through their efforts reached a world that was hurting, in need, and suffering. 

Let’s face it, the legacy that we leave behind once our time on earth is done is not going to be qualified by what we had while we were here, but rather by what we did with what we had and how we did it. 

This is my definition of success, and it is one that has been useful to me in more ways than one. However, I would like to know what your definitions of success are and how those definitions of success have shaped your lives. Please feel free to comment, as I enjoy learning about your perspectives and experiences. Be blessed! #lovebythedrop

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