Today’s Gem of Insight #120

IMG_4434Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that an attitude of entitlement will wreck any good thing. In life, there are certain things to which we human beings are entitled – equality in employment, the provision of our basic needs, as well as protection of our rights – simply because we were born and we are human beings. 

However, at times, we allow ourselves to develop an attitude of entitlement, which is demonstrative of the fact that we have convinced ourselves that we are entitled to whatever we want simply because we want it. And unfortunately, we often carry that attitude of entitlement into employment opportunities, relationships, etc., allowing it to erroneously convince us that we do not need to invest our time, effort, and work into something, because somehow we have an automatic right to have what we want by the sheer nature of the fact that we exist.

Yet, the truth of the matter is that we do not have an automatic right to have excellent employment situations, fruitful relationships, etc. without putting in the necessary time, effort, and work to establish and maintain them. So, when that attitude of entitlement attempts to surface, my hope is that we will eagerly send it packing and continue on our way towards a more prosperous future. #lovebythedrop

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