Today’s Gem of Insight #121

dv1922023Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that everyone experiences moments when they want and need to say something, but have no idea how to express it. Sometimes we refer to this phenomenon as choking on our words, the cat having our tongue (yes, that’s an oldie for sure), or some manner of other colorful way of describing the challenges that we experience when attempting to express ourselves.

Why is it, though, that some of us go on to find a way to express ourselves, whereas others opt to remain silent? Sometimes, it may come down to the simple realization that in one instance something needed to be said, but in the other instance it did not. But, more often than not, it comes down to the fact that some of us determine within ourselves that we will persist through the challenges that we face when trying to express ourselves, and others resign themselves to saying nothing.

Now, my purpose for mentioning this is not to imply anything negative regarding those of us who choose to remain silent rather than push through the challenges that we face when expressing ourselves, nor is it to highly esteem those of us who conquer those errant challenges and achieve successful expression of their sentiments. My purpose for mentioning this is simply to encourage every one of us to pursue the expression of our thoughts, ideas, and sentiments, especially when challenges arise. We all have important perspectives to add to this world, and those perspectives need to be heard. Besides, God fashioned each one of us as significant individuals and equipped us with unique aspects that only we possess. So, you see, there are special additions to this world that only each of us individually can add, and no one else. So, why not let our voices be heard? #lovebythedrop

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