Today’s Gem of Insight #128

Developing a PlanToday’s insight journey led me to the idea that whether our future consists of the next minute or the next seventy years, it’s coming, so we should prepare for it. Spontaneity can be good, and living by the minute can certainly bring with it thrills and adventure. However, wisdom encourages the development of realistic and appropriate plans so as to make of the future what is intended.

Those plans may be varied, imaginative, and even a bit mysterious, as we often devise plans while lacking a conceivable concept of what we will encounter and need as we implement those plans, but what is essential is that we take the time to develop them in the first place.

Planning for the future may take some of the “element of surprise” out of life, but it will ensure that we afford ourselves a better chance of making the most out of the future when it comes. #lovebythedrop

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