Today’s Gem of Insight #127

Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that there is nothing wrong with being curly. Despite the numerous changes in the worlds of fashion and beauty, a greater depth of acknowledgment of previously ignored manners of cultural expression, and the expansion of the societal landscape, there still persists the unspoken (though generally observed) rule that straight and smooth hair equates to beauty and perfection, leaving curly hair to eek out an existence in exile.

Yet, there is a substantial portion of the population that consists of individuals who have naturally wavy to curly hair and do not wish to wear their hair otherwise. They choose, instead to embrace their natural waves and curls while hoping that oneway others will appreciate and respect their right to do so. 

Beauty is not limited to a straight path, but also includes veers, slight bends, and deep curves, with every point offering its unique addition to the journey. So, the next time that individuals with natural waves and curls cross our paths, why not recognize and appreciate the beauty that dwells in their individuality and provide it with a home right next to our own?  #lovebythedrop

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