Today’s Gem of Insight #139

Challenging-a-Statement-of-TruthToday’s insight journey led me to the idea that the truth is always revealed. Sometimes we may find ourselves wondering whether or not a truth that we are guarding will remain secret. Oftentimes, though, what we find ourselves wondering is whether or not a truth that someone else is guarding will be made known, especially if the sequestering of that truth has a negative affect on us and our lives in any way, shape, kind, or form.

Well, the answer is that the truth, whether guarded by us or someone else, will always be revealed, and knowing that will either bring us comfort or concern. We should remember this every time that we make decisions and act on them. If we base our decisions and actions on things that we are at peace with and can live with, then knowing that the truth is always revealed will bring us comfort. Doing the opposite, though, will likely bring us concern. The choice is ours. #lovebythedrop

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