Today’s Gem of Insight #138

10WaysToTakeChargeOfDepression.01_640x480Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that sometimes it is only after spending time with someone that we realize why that person was brought into our life. There are times when we receive a sense immediately (whether right at the moment of the first encounter or shortly thereafter) of why someone was brought into our life – maybe that person is the new business partner that we have been hoping for, the new friend that we have been in need of, or even the new contact that will lead us to the opportunity for which we have been waiting.

And there are other times when it is only after spending time with someone that we are truly able to gain a sense of why that person is in our life, be it through long conversations, participation in activities that address shared interests, or supporting each other via other endeavors. The point is that sometimes we may not experience initial sensations that indicate why a person is in our lives and whether or not that person’s presence is a good thing.

So, we should take heart to remember this when we find out later on in life that someone in our life mistreated us, betrayed us, or made our life more challenging in some other way. And when we find ourselves contemplating how it could be that we did not pick up on this or that earlier on, may the realization that sometimes it takes spending time with a person in order for us to become aware of why that person is in our life to help us take it a little easy on ourselves as we learn from the experiences. After all, that process of learning and gaining wisdom is the point of it all anyway, right? #lovebythedrop

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