Today’s Gem of Insight #144

good-people-bannerToday’s insight journey led me to the idea that good people do not finish last. So often we hear the phrase “good guys finish last,” or some variation thereof, and unfortunately many of us have come to accept that as truth.

Yet, good people who do good things inject this world with positivity each and every time that they share that goodness with others. And as they consistently spread that goodness they are in fact inviting more of the same into their lives, which in turn causes them to experience more peace and a reduction in stress levels, as well as causes them to live lives that are of greater quality over all than their counterparts.

So, in reality, good people definitely do not finish last. On the contrary, they are at the head of the class. #lovebythedrop

2 Replies to “Today’s Gem of Insight #144”

  1. Fantastic conclusion! I like the phenomenon described above 😉 but I suppose the finishing referred to what accordingly to others would terms as a successful life. For example, having the right savings, owning a house and a car. However I am far from believing in this philosophy of success. As part of this magnificent universe we humans indeed deserve more than limiting ourselves under this definition of success. Any wise person would tell us that life is not about reaching the finishing lines. Life is an on going journey and yes as you write that every moment we do good we collectively invite or attract people for same or similar cause, that on other had only enriches our life experience.

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