Today’s Gem of Insight #146

money_down_the_drainToday’s insight journey led me to the idea that spending money on things that we are not going to use is a waste. Though it may not seem that way when we are standing in the those perfectly-lit shopping aisles looking at perfectly-packaged products while imagining all of the cool things that we can do with each shiny little adventure, pre-packaged for us on the shelves and simply awaiting our selection, the truth of the matter is that we oftentimes know before we purchase things that we are not likely to ever use them.

But we buy them anyway, thinking that things will be different this time. We carry our new acquisitions home and place them in the perfect location. And they sit. Months pass and sitting is all that those lovely additions have done. And despite our good intentions, whether we allow ourselves to realize it or not, we have wasted our money.

Ideally we would think about this before we invest our money, but, unfortunately, that is not necessarily the case. So, what can we do? We can resolve to remember the realities of this process and allow that to deter us from spending money uselessly, a technique that may or may not be successful. Or, we can get into the habit of asking ourselves pertinent questions like “Do I want this or need this? What are the chances that I am really going to use this? How much money is a stake here?” Will asking these questions work? Maybe, maybe not. But if asking ourselves those questions may even remotely deter us from spending money on items that we are not going to use, then it’s certainly worth a shot. #lovebythedrop

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