Today’s Gem of Insight #148


Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that if we are fractured human beings it is because we choose to remain that way. We may have been fractured by other people or circumstances in our lives, but we remain fractured because of our own choices.

That reality is something that can be hard to acknowledge and accept. In fact, what tends to make its acknowledgment and acceptance so difficult is the fact that we like to believe that we take good care of ourselves and that we consistently do what it takes to ensure that we are setting ourselves up to live the best lives that we possibly can.

However, the reality of the situation is that we oftentimes simply place temporary bandages on our wounds rather than take the time to clean out our wounds and effectively treat them so that they can heal. After all, who wants to force themselves to deal with the underlying causes of the wounds and experience the pain that accompanies that process?

The answer to that question boils down to this truth: those of us who truly want to get better view the value of that as being greater than any pain that we will experience along the way, and those of us who do not share that perspective focus instead on staving off the pain. Either way we make a choice and commit to it, and that is always the first step. Now it may take a long time for us to make our choice and we might require the help of others in order to reach the point at which we are ready to make that choice, but in the end the choice remains ours and that first step will always follow. #lovebythedrop

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