Love (Revisited)

My guess is that we’re all pretty familiar with the idea of what it means to love people. Sure, we each put our own spin on it, but at the end of the day it’s still evidence of our chosen level of familiarity with the concept of love.

And my guess is that, since we’re all people, we have at some point or another wondered why, though we want to love people unconditionally and without passing judgment on them, we instead do the exact opposite, and with flair I might add.

Now, some of us may have briefly entertained that fleeting thought and let it go, for whatever reason. Whereas others of us might still be grappling with it to this day. No matter which category we fall in, the thought, idea, and act of loving others is major, and will revisit our lives time and time again.

So, what are we going to do about it? Are we going to eek out an existence attempting to dodge this idea of wanting to love others, but feeling as though we constantly fall short of the mark, thinking that there is no point in even trying to do it because failure is inevitable? After all, we are human beings, and human beings are known to be what – fallible and sometimes wretched creatures. 

We could do that, but how is that going to make our lives and the lives of others better? And even more importantly, how is that approach going to help us to share Christ with others? The simple answer is that it won’t. You see, it’s impossible to share Christ with others without extending love to others, because He is love.

So, if relegating ourselves to doing nothing about the struggle that we experience when it concerns loving others while still being flawed beings won’t work, I guess that means that we ought to do something about it. But what exactly can we do? My answer: love others anyway, through it all. Whether we feel like it or not, love. Whether we know how to or not, love. Whether we think the other person is receptive to it or not, love. As we consciously trust God to help us, we can love EVERYONE with the love of the Lord. Yes, I said everyone. And guess what, when we love others with the love of the Lord, it is always right and exactly what the other person needs at that very moment. 

Now, I am certainly not encouraging anyone to force their love on anyone or do anything that is even remotely inconsiderate or wrong towards anyone. I am simply encouraging all of us to love others through Christ. If we commit to doing that, we’ll be surprised at the positive impact that we will have on others, as well as on ourselves. I don’t know about you, but I believe that it’s worth trying. How about you? #lovebythedrop

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