Today’s Gem of Insight #163

Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that entrepreneurship is a privilege not a chore. My recent leap into the world of entrepreneurship has caused me to become privy to many of the realities that go along with being your own boss.

In the past, I tended to focus on the challenges that are often present when developing a business – navigating your select market, building a brand, deciding on a logo, and so much more. I belabored the likely “headaches” that could surface and all of the labor, effort, time, and money that would be the cost.

This usually optimistic woman found herself almost entirely dwelling on the perceived negatives of entrepreneurship, which in some ways surprised me. I thought, “This isn’t like me. I’m more of see-the-glass-half-full-and-still-filling-up type of person. But some setbacks that I had somehow chosen to view as failures had apparently altered my view of that glass, and I was none the wiser.

Thankfully, time, some work on my part, and most importantly God’s hand on me and my life have shifted my view of that glass back in the right direction. Is it perfect? No, no where near it. But it’s better, and I will definitely take that. And now, the many decisions, issues, and occasional difficulties that arise regarding my business may not be ideal, but I see them more as opportunities rather than disasters, and that works for me. Be blessed. #lovebythedrop


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