Today’s Gem of Insight #130

6e6cf2c244fa37ca843a1285a19d338cToday’s insight journey led me to the idea that gourmet is all in our minds. It never ceases to amaze me how often I encounter the word “gourmet” in  front of food and beverage items while I am out and about. The details of the locale may vary – the type of cuisine proffered, the location of the establishment, and even the price point – but nowadays it seems that the positioning of the word “gourmet” in front of food and beverage items is over-used and ever-present code language for “special,” and a purported justification for excessive price gauging.

However, the reality is that food is food and beverages are beverages. Yes, the ingredients used and attention to detail shown may vary, but gourmet food and beverages those variations do not make. Food and beverages can certainly be good, great even, tasty, reasonably priced, expensive, unsuitable for consumption, and just about any other colorful descriptor, but gourmet, not quite.
So, since the idea of food and beverages being gourmet is all in our minds, then the next time that you prepare your specialty meatloaf or your version of Chilean sea bass, why not have a little fun and utilize the word “gourmet” when sharing your meal with others? You just might get a kick out of it. #lovebythedrop

Today’s Gem of Insight #127

Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that there is nothing wrong with being curly. Despite the numerous changes in the worlds of fashion and beauty, a greater depth of acknowledgment of previously ignored manners of cultural expression, and the expansion of the societal landscape, there still persists the unspoken (though generally observed) rule that straight and smooth hair equates to beauty and perfection, leaving curly hair to eek out an existence in exile.

Yet, there is a substantial portion of the population that consists of individuals who have naturally wavy to curly hair and do not wish to wear their hair otherwise. They choose, instead to embrace their natural waves and curls while hoping that oneway others will appreciate and respect their right to do so. 

Beauty is not limited to a straight path, but also includes veers, slight bends, and deep curves, with every point offering its unique addition to the journey. So, the next time that individuals with natural waves and curls cross our paths, why not recognize and appreciate the beauty that dwells in their individuality and provide it with a home right next to our own?  #lovebythedrop

Today’s Gem of Insight #83


Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that a little color really does go a long way. There are some individuals in this world who seem as though they were simply born knowing what fits well together, which accessories compliment specific ensembles, and which colors, textures, and styles of clothing flatter different body types and the like. As it relates to fashion, they seem to have it all together.

I would not necessarily classify myself as being that type of person. For the most part, I would not say that I have ever known a lot about fashion, and half of the time I have not been sure as to whether or not certain colors really do go together. And I am okay with that. I have generally always known what I like, what appeals to my inner fashion sense, and what is comfortable to me, and I realized early on in life that, when in doubt, black or white typically goes with everything, and khaki is the next closest contender. This, for the most part, is the style palette that I have generally adhered to, with the occasional sprinkle of blue, brown, and green peppered into the mix. And in those random moments when the idea of stepping out of the box a little woos me, slivers of purple, pink, yellow, red, and orange have even made special appearances.

So, what have i learned from those occasional additions of color to my wardrobe? A little color really does go a long way. And it does not have to be an onslaught of that color; it could be the addition of something as small as a pair of earrings or some decorative socks. The key is to not allow ourselves to be afraid to add a little color to our lives. After all, the addition of a little color may reveal a few things to us about ourselves that we never knew. #lovebythedrop