365 Days of Thanks; Today’s Gem of Gratitude #1


So, I was sitting here contemplating which direction I wanted to go in with this blog. And after giving it some thought, I decided that I would just share whatever comes across my mind on any given day. And today, the thought came to me that love demonstrates itself in a myriad of ways – through touch, through a lingering stare, through a kind word, through the exhibition of a gentle demeanor, and through expressions of gratitude. And because love presents itself via so many different avenues, I have decided to share a “gem of gratitude” with you every day for the next 365 days. After a year has passed, I’ll share with you my takeaways from the experience. So, let’s get started.

Today’s Gem of Gratitude:

Today I am thankful for people who don’t allow themselves to be fooled by the outward appearance of a person, but rather allow their courage to introduce them to the soul of the person who is in front of them. It is easy to allow yourself to become distracted by a person’s hair, the color of their skin, the way that they walk, the manner in which they speak; most people notice these things. But it takes courage and bravery to look past these things to the heart of a person and choose to stare boldly at their strengths, weaknesses, imperfections, hopes and dreams, without averting your eyes. It takes purpose and determination to set aside the surface and embrace the core of a human being. To those of you who do this on a day-to-day basis, thank you. To those of you who struggle in this area, I encourage you to keep trying, and I promise you that the rewards will far outweigh the sacrifices. #lovebythedrop

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