Letter to Self: Forgiving and Letting Go


Dear Self,
Forgive and let it go. There will be days when it seems as though life is trying its best to drain you of every ounce of joy, hope and peace that you have. People will take you for granted, mistreat you, and discard you as though your worth has abandoned you, leaving behind an empty shell formerly known as you. People will lie on you and try with all of their might to defeat you. They will look through your beauty until they see their own negativity reflected in the mirror that is their conscience. They will blame you for their shortcomings and carve your name into the stones of their misgivings.

They will attempt to drown you in their pain because they do not know any other way to try to bring you down to where they are emotionally. They will cast you to the side because it is easier for them to do that than to admit that they truly admire you and care for you. They will do this because this is familiar to them, this is what they know. And they will continue to do this because it is more comfortable for them than replacing their shortcomings with faith, hope, and a determination to do better and become better. They will continue with their negative ways despite being repulsed by their stifling negativity.

And now that you realize that this is what they are doing, what are you going to do? Hold on to your faith, and love them through their pain. Love is what they need, not pity, not confrontation, not reprimand, but love. Fight their negativity with love. Love them as though their life depends on it, because it does. Love despite the pain. Love despite the sting of rejection, the bite of frustration. Love through the tears. Love through the fears. Love through it all. And when you feel like giving up, love through your fatigue. Never. Stop. Loving.

With love,


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