Today’s Gem of Gratitude #70


Today I am thankful for experts in their various fields. I am glad that I am not expected to nor need to be an expert in every field that is present in life.

Life would be too hectic and chaotic if each one of us had to know how to do and be able to do everything. And though sometimes we may wish that we could do everything, especially when we receive poor customer service or we need something to be taken care of rather quickly, the fact that we all specialize in different things saves us time, effort, money, and frustration in the long run.

I do not know about you but when I am not feeling well I appreciate the fact that I can go see a doctor who specializes in providing the type of treatment that I need. I may not be all that thrilled about what I have to pay for those services, but I am glad that I am not limited to my personal knowledge for treatment. Being able to go see that doctor allows me to simply focus on getting well, as opposed to having to figure out what the condition is and how to treat it.

Now that’s not to say that possessing some basic knowledge about medical conditions as a layperson is not beneficial or feasible – knowing how to recognize symptoms that are associated with the common cold, a headache, or even the flu is something that most laypersons seem to have an idea about despite the fact that they do not possess formal training (though I am in no way implying that their knowledge is equivalent to a professionally trained doctor’s knowledge in this area). Yet, when it concerns something more intricate it’s nice to be able to take some of the stress off of yourself and put the treatment of your condition in the hands of a specialist. Of course, this is only one example, but I think you understand where I am going with this.

And as we all continue to specialize in different fields, I hope that we keep in the forefront of our minds the importance of what we do, the services that we provide, and the populations that we serve. After all, as I have said, this life is not really all about us as individuals, but rather amazing individuals existing in harmony together as a community. #lovebythedrop

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