Today’s Gem of Gratitude #69


Today I am thankful for honest people. Once you have been betrayed and/or mistreated by someone whom you trust completely and would move mountains for, it can be extremely hard to allow yourself to open up and trust again, be it that same person who betrayed you or anyone else.

And as terrible of a thing as it is to be betrayed by a loved one, sometimes it takes having one’s heart ripped out and one’s emotions stomped on to really make a person come to appreciate the honest and trustworthy people that they have in their life. Life is kind of strange that way.

One thing’s for sure though, once a person has been burned by a dishonest person in his or her life and the person who was betrayed clearly sees the situation for what it is, the one who was betrayed will likely no longer permit dishonest people to be in his or her life. It only takes one, and one is more than enough. Here’s to living in truth and living in love. #lovebythedrop

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