Today’s Gem of Gratitude #72


Today I am thankful for opportunities. Have you ever experienced a time in your life when you felt more than capable of doing what you needed or wanted to do and you had the necessary preparation for whatever it was that you needed or wanted to do, but one thing was missing? You were lacking the opportunity to demonstrate how prepared you truly were and to successfully complete whatever task you needed or wanted to complete.

Sometimes what we really need is just for someone to present us with the opportunity to do whatever it is that we have prepared so diligently for. Such is often the case for recent college graduates who are looking for their first post-graduation job, lawyers who are looking for their first big case, doctors who are seeking that first major procedure that will propel their career forward, teachers who are seeking that next-level teaching job that will allow them to reach the student population that they have wanted to reach, etc. In some way, shape or form we have all been there, and for many of us, someone with the right opportunity was right there waiting for us.

It is true, however, that there will be times when opportunities are not simply waiting around for us, sometimes we will have to go out and make our own opportunities. And no matter whether your opportunity jumps into your lap or you have to go out into the world and create it, the important thing is that it exists in some shape or form. What also matters is that our opportunities find a way to connect with us. And when that connection occurs, coupled with the right amount of effort, perseverance, knowledge, patience, and motivation, it can turn out to be something much greater than we ever could have imagined. #lovebythedrop

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