Today’s Gem of Gratitude #73


Today I am thankful that I know what it is like to be in love. Now, I am not a person who believes that people “fall” in love. I believe that whether or not you love someone is a decision that you make, and that whether it is a conscious decision or not, it is still a choice. I believe this because love requires commitment, understanding, compassion, consideration, and a selfless investment of time, energy, feelings, hopes and dreams.

Love requires a person to purposely allow himself or herself to be vulnerable, to trust the other person with all of himself or herself. Love requires the placement of the other person in a position of priority in that person’s life. In my opinion these truths demonstrate that love is a choice, an action, rather than something that independently throws itself upon you against your will and leaves you with no alternative.

With that said, there is absolutely nothing that affects a person in the same way that being in love does. When you are in love you are filled with this sense of euphoria that overtakes you at the mere thought of the one whom you love, you are filled with the sense that life as you know it is perfect, and in your eyes the one whom you love can do no wrong.

Being in love is such a happy and joyful experience in life, and the joy that one feels seems to manifest itself physically (a person who is in love seems to feel better, have more energy, and is oftentimes more active and willing to get out and about). And when the love that you have for someone is reciprocated by that person, there truly can be no better feeling. #lovebythedrop

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